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NEWS: $3 bowl sells for $2.2 million
A bowl bought for $3 six years ago at a yard sale in New York sold at auction this week for $2.2 million. The buyers didn't know until recently that they had a 1,000-year-old Chinese treasure on their hands. CNN.com
EVENTS: Every quilt tells a story
A Chicago-area workshop on April 9 will give participants a chance to learn about their antique quilts – pattern names, dates, fabric history, construction techniques and the lore associated with them. Appraisals and proper care will also be discussed. Chicago Tribune
NEWS: Hooked on Fiesta
Deborah Bardo, the wife of the new president of Wichita State University, is an avid collector of Depression-era Fiesta ware. She sometimes uses a piece or two at place setings for parties, but mostly her colorful ceramic finds are kept on display. Wichita Eagle
RESTORATION: Tips about trunks
Brettuns Village Trunk Shop in Lewsiton, Maine, is in the business of restoring and selling antique trunks, but the proprietors don't mind sharing their expertise with do-it-yourselfers. Check out their trunk tips and links to even more resources.